Compile, debug SASS/SCSS code online

When I was learning Sass/Scss it was confusing to debug the code. I read several articles just to know what I am doing wrong. Things would have been easier if there were tools like codepen, codesandbox specially for sass. Thankfully that exists. Its Sass Playground and it has everything in one place.

✅ This is a website that allows you to write and run Sass code online, without installing anything on your computer.

✅ You can choose between the Sass and SCSS syntaxes, and see the compiled CSS output in real time.

✅ You can also adjust the output style, from expanded to compressed, and see how it affects the readability and size of your CSS code.

✅ The Sass Playground also has a console feature, where you can see any errors or warnings that your Sass code might produce.

✅ You can use the Sass Playground to try out different features of Sass, such as variables, mixins, functions, nesting, inheritance, and more.

✅ You can also save and share your code snippets with others, or explore the examples provided by the website. As I am sharing an awesome code snippet, thank me later. If you find it interesting let me know.

Here is the code snippet:

The Sass Playground is a great way to get started with Sass, or to improve your skills and knowledge of this amazing tool. As sass makes your style sheets syntactically awesome so will sass playground because it makes sass debugging a lot easier.

Happy Coding, Cheers 🍻